What Can Happen If You Delay Car Maintenance?

June 21st, 2023 by
Vehicle Maintenance

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As a vehicle owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle gets the maintenance it needs and deserves. Each vehicle manufacturer will give you a recommended service schedule so you know when to have various maintenance services performed on your vehicle. You want to ensure you follow their schedule, as forgetting can lead to many negative consequences for you and your vehicle.


Prematurely Wear Out Parts

One of the biggest issues you will deal with as a result of not keeping up with regular vehicle maintenance is prematurely wearing out parts. When the various components on your vehicle don’t receive the adjustments and lubrication they need, they will start to work much harder than normal. Eventually, these components will wear out well over time before they’re designed to. This means more expensive repair bills for you.


Decreased Vehicle Lifespan

Another culprit of failure to properly maintain your vehicle is a decreased lifespan. When the internal components of your vehicle are being overstressed because they’re not receiving the care they need, they won’t last as long as your vehicle manufacturer intended. This means that your upfront investment for a vehicle will be more than that of a properly maintained vehicle.


Safety Issues

Apart from maintaining a good lifespan out of all the internal components of your vehicle, regular maintenance is there to ensure your safety and the safety of those who ride with you. When you omit maintenance, it greatly increases your chance of breaking down unexpectedly. Anytime your vehicle breaks down or malfunctions, you and your passengers are in danger. Additionally, if you skip over maintenance at your local dealership, you’ll miss out on getting any recalls for your vehicle remedied.


Higher Repair Costs

When you undergo regular maintenance, a licensed professional looks over your vehicle. They will be able to alert you of problems with your vehicle when they are small and less expensive to fix. If you don’t get regular maintenance, there won’t be anyone to reveal minor problems. Rather, you’ll find out about a problem after it becomes a massive issue that is overly expensive to repair.


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