We can help you finance a car on Credit in almost any situation

Everyone has a different credit situation. Which is why you need a dealership that is willing to help you to find the best car, truck or SUV for you and your family, based on your current credit. We can even find a program to help you rebuild your credit history. Don’t go to a Buy Here, Pay Here lot, when you can come to a reputable car dealership like Peter Boulware Toyota. Apply Now

 Financing a Car

Bad credit situation? We can help you buy a car

Let’s face it. When you need a car, you need a car. Whether you’re an individual or business, you can’t put off a needed vehicle purchase until you have perfect traditional credit.

Fortunately, at Peter Boulware Toyota, we’ve seen and worked with buyers with all kinds of credit challenges:

• Maybe you have subprime credit
• Maybe you’ve declared bankruptcy
• Maybe you’ve had a divorce
• Maybe you’ve had a repossession
• Maybe you don’t have any meaningful collateral
• Maybe you’re between jobs
• Maybe your income doesn’t come via a ‘standard’ paycheck

If you think any of these things disqualifies you from buying a new or used car, that’s not true! You’ll be welcomed with smart and workable solutions at Peter Boulware Toyota.

Working with an established and respected local dealership like Peter Boulware Toyota to find the best financing option for you is a smarter and safer move than relying on one of those shady “low or no credit” operations.

Car Loan

The Importance of Loans and Credit

Our finance center has the tools, knowledge, and multiple credit lenders to help get you into the car you need responsibly. And because the dealership will always be here to assist you before, during, and after the sale.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a car dealership that works to qualify instead of disqualify you? You’ve found one! You’ll be treated with the same dignity, respect, and appreciation as any of our buyers. Plus, financing a car can be a great step toward rebuilding your credit.

We get it. People work hard and do the very best they can. So reach out to Peter Boulware Toyota with head held high, and shop with confidence that we can get you into the vehicle you need whatever your situation.

Pre-Approval form

Get Preapproved to buy a car

To get a leg-up on the finance process, you can begin to utilize our financing tools right now. The pre-approval form is a handy way for our team to get to know you better.

Also, with the payment estimator, you’ll have a good understanding of what your ideal model will cost on a monthly basis!

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Speak with our team about auto loan financing in Tallahassee, FL. Please reach out contact us so we can help you buy your next car, despite any credit challenges you may have.

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