Toyota Safety Features: Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

November 22nd, 2023 by

Toyota Safety Technology

Toyota has a long-standing reputation for affordability and safety in the United States auto market. With its award-winning Toyota Safety Sense and various parking and driving assistance safety features, drivers can enjoy peace of mind every time they get behind the wheel.


Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota has coined its high-quality suite of safety features as Toyota Safety Sense. Now on version 3.0, this advanced suite of safety features includes numerous collision and driving-focused guides. Some of the most well-known are the pre-collision system, road sign assist, lane trace assist, automatic high-beam system, emergency driving stop system, and intelligent adaptive cruise control.


With Toyota’s pre-collision system, your vehicle will actively monitor the roadway in front of you to determine vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. It will alert you with visual and audio warnings to the object and even automatically brake if you don’t respond quickly enough. Road sign assist will actively display useful information that you pass, such as the current speed limit.


Parking Assistance

When it comes to parking your vehicle on busy streets, having a solid suite of assistance features can make all the difference in the safety of you and your passengers. Features included in the parking assistance of every Toyota model are advanced parking assist, panoramic view monitor, rear cross-traffic alert with automatic braking, safe exit assist, intelligent parking sonar, and rear seat reminder system.


With Toyota’s panoramic view monitor, you can enjoy a complete 360-degree view of your vehicle. This makes parking much easier and safer. With rear cross-traffic alert with automatic braking, you can be alerted of any potential object approaching from your side to prevent a collision. If you don’t respond quickly enough, your vehicle will enact automatic braking to avoid a collision.


Driving Assistance

Whether you’re driving down a busy highway or a curvy country road, Toyota has numerous safety features that can make your ride as safe as possible. Some features included to help enhance the safety of your driving include a driver monitor camera, adaptive high-beam system, blind spot monitor, Toyota smart connect, and eCall emergency call system.


With a blind spot monitor, you can easily be alerted of any vehicles on either side of you so that you can confidently change lanes. Even better, with Toyota’s smart connect, you can be alerted of local hazards and accidents to safely navigate your destination.


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