Financing vs Leasing

Financing vs Leasing

When folks think of financing a model, they typically think of building a payment structure that ends with them owning the vehicle outright. While that’s certainly an option and may make sense for many drivers near the Tallahassee, Quincy, and Crawfordville areas, leasing is the alternative choice. With a lease, you’re making a short-term rather than long-term commitment, giving you more personal flexibility.

The financing vs. leasing debate is a common one, which is why our Peter Boulware Toyota staff thought this overview might be helpful. The following is a comparison between traditional financing methods and the leasing process! Then if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our staff directly.

Financing a Car

Traditional Finance: Buying

The longstanding process of buying a car still holds plenty of merit in the modern world. If you build the right financial structure, something our team of advisors can help you with, you’ll end up having a reasonable monthly payment plan that eventually leads to outright ownership.

Buying a car makes sense if you want to pass it down after a few years, too. Maybe you have a young one in the house who is approaching driving status, and in a few years could use a worn-in car or SUV for learning how to drive. Or maybe you just love the car enough to drive it until it can’t run any longer. In any of these long-term scenarios, financing a model through traditional buying might be the better option for you.

Leasing at Dealership

Alternative Option: Leasing

The leasing process still allows you to drive your favorite vehicle yet also provides you with helpful versatility. Lease agreements typically last a few years and can be catered to your needs. Over the lifetime of the lease, you’ll enjoy the model in the same manner you would if you had bought it outright.

Once the lease ends, you return the model to our dealership and are freed up to begin leasing a new vehicle. With this process, you’ll never drive a car that’s more than a few years old. You’ll also have the chance to capitalize on the performance enhancements and technology upgrades of new vehicles. Not to mention that understanding what an MSRP is and negotiating for a lower price can further reduce your monthly payment costs. Finally, leasing gives you the ability to swap from a compact car to an SUV to a truck as your needs change over time!

Financing vs Leasing: Your Decision

Making the right call on either a traditional financial plan or a modern leasing plan is about personal preference. You have to look at your current lifestyle and what you want from your vehicle around Crawfordville, Quincy, and Tallahassee. If you want to hang onto the car long-term, buying makes sense. If you enjoy driving new models every few years, consider leasing!

With either option, our Peter Boulware Toyota team is going to be around to provide assistance. We can build a plan that fits the exact parameters of your budget. We can also offer advice if you aren’t sure which financing option is best. All you have to do is reach out to our staff!

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