What is a Hybrid Car, and How Does it Work?

2022 Toyota Prius Prime being charged


Brands like Toyota continue to innovate and advance hybrid vehicle technology. Everyday hybrid models become a more affordable and plausible alternative option to traditional gas-powered vehicles. Here at Peter Boulware Toyota, we provide Tallahassee drivers with an impressive selection of mild hybrid and full-hybrid vehicles. However, before you invest in one of these eco-friendly models, you’ll want to understand how hybrid cars work. Discover what a hybrid car is and how it works below, then explore our vast hybrid and FCV inventory

What’s the Difference Between Parallel Hybrid vs. Series Hybrid?

Interested in spending less time at the fuel pump and more time on Thomasville roads? Eyeing the Toyota Corolla or Avalon for your next fuel-efficient model? Wondering to yourself, “How do hybrid cars work?” A hybrid car runs off two power sources: an electric battery and a traditional internal combustion engine. These two systems work together to keep fuel consumption to a minimum. These power sources can also be found on the two most commonplace types of hybrid vehicles, parallel and series: 

How Do Parallel Hybrid Cars Work?

The majority of hybrid vehicles in the Bradfordville area are parallel hybrids. For these models, the gasoline engine and electric motor are connected to the transmission. Whether you’re using an automatic transmission or a CVT system, the electric motor and gas engine work in tandem to power the vehicle. 

How Do Series Hybrid Cars Work?

Series hybrid models differ slightly from parallel hybrids. For these vehicles, the electric motor is still combined with a gasoline engine, but only the motor is connected to the transmission. The electric motor is the primary energy source and the gasoline engine acts as a generator when necessary. 

Discover How Your Favorite Hybrid Car Works at Peter Boulware Toyota!

Have a better idea of how hybrid cars work and the advantages that come with them? Then reach out to the team at Peter Boulware Toyota to get behind the wheel of your preferred model today! The price point of even our most lavish models is nothing compared to the money you’ll save in improved fuel economy ratings!

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