How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Car Battery


How long until you need a car battery change? Typically, the average vehicle battery lifespan is three or four years. However, this time frame can change based on your vehicle’s make and model, as well as your driving and maintenance habits. Learn more about the warning signs of a dying car battery, how long car batteries last under certain conditions, and more with the experts at Peter Boulware Toyota below. Then, visit our Tallahassee Service Center for a car battery change or routine inspection! 

What is the Average Vehicle Battery Life?

As mentioned above, Thomasville drivers typically have three to four years until they have to get a car battery change. However, some drivers may have to get a battery replacement after two years, and others won’t have to schedule a service appointment for six years. Nevertheless, like oil changes or tire service, car battery changes are a fundamental aspect of routine vehicle maintenance. Getting your battery checked on a routine basis is a way to safeguard against mechanical failure. That’s why, on average, we recommend getting your battery changed every three to four years. 

Warning Signs of Car Battery Failure

Not sure what the symptoms of a failing car battery are? Familiarize yourself with the warning signs of a dying car battery below: 

  • The battery case looks misshapen or warped
  • Connectors for the battery are corroded
  • Electric issues (heated seats, cell phone charger, etc. aren’t working)
  • Car lights are dim
  • The engine is slow to start
  • Check engine light is on

What Factors Are Affecting My Car’s Battery Life?

There are a variety of factors that can diminish your vehicle’s average battery lifespan. If you’re trying to keep your battery running for as long as possible, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Climate and Location: Driving in a hot climate year-round will weaken your battery more than if you drive in a cooler climate. 
  • Driving Habits: If you don’t drive much, and tend to leave your vehicle sitting for long periods of time, you could be weakening your car’s battery. During your commute, try taking the longer scenic route, so your car’s battery has more time to charge. Also, make sure you don’t leave the power on when the ignition is off. Leaving an interior light on overnight can easily drain the battery. 

Get Your Car Battery Changed at Peter Boulware Toyota! 

We offer a plethora of car battery services and inspections for Tallahassee drivers, all at an affordable price. Need to get your car battery changed? Then reach out to us at Peter Boulware Toyota and set up a time to get your Toyota vehicle serviced today!

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