New vs Used Cars

New vs Used Cars

New vs. used cars, a debate that has been lingering on since the first automobiles came about–or at least a year after the first automobiles came about. There are inherent advantages to both choices. The emotional pull of a brand-new vehicle, sparkling as it cruises down Quincy, Tallahassee, and Crawfordville streets, is certainly enough for some to choose the newest model year.

By contrast, the practicality of a steady, reliable pre-owned vehicle is tough for some folks to ignore. So which should you choose? Well, there are plenty of factors at work that need to be considered. At Peter Boulware Toyota, we’re happy to help you sort it all out! Contact us directly if you still have any questions.

Toyota Camry

New Cars

The gleam and glisten of a new car, along with that fabled new car smell, is a striking combination. If you’re set on driving your next vehicle for a decade or for well over a hundred thousand miles, having virtually no miles on the odometer as you pull out of the dealership lot is a big plus. 

New cars are inherently up to date, too. Along with the various trim levels to choose, of which there are anywhere from three to more than ten depending on the model, you can also select packages and accessories.

The latest technology, styling upgrades, safety features, and performance enhancements will all be present in a new model. If you’re getting excited just thinking of all these possibilities, then a new car may be the right choice.

Toyota Sienna

Used Cars

While new cars offer plenty of new features, shopping for a used car can provide you with more choices. If the model you want has continually been manufactured for a decade, let’s say, that means you have ten used versions of the car to choose from. Everything from the exterior styling to the type of engine under the hood will have been altered over that timeframe.

At our dealership, we also run all our used models through an extensive service process. The certified technicians who guide our shop will ensure the model is ready to go for another long stint on local highways or town streets.

Used cars are also ideal if you’re shopping for a first-time driver. Whether a teenager in high school who needs a set of wheels or a young adult going off to college, a reliable used car is a great way to let them spread their wings.

New or Used, Our Dealership has the Right Fit

The expansive inventory at Peter Boulware Toyota includes both new and used cars. Determining which type fits your lifestyle can be done by exploring our inventory online. If you have questions about either option, our staff will happily provide the insight you’re looking for.

Also, taking a test drive of both a new and used car will highlight the differences in each model. So speak with our team and we can get you onto local roads quickly around Quincy, Crawfordville, and Tallahassee!

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